Monday, April 20, 2009

Server Hosting

When choosing the server hosting option for HotelFoo, we faced the typical array of options.  From most expensive / powerful, the typical choices considered by server developers are:

1. Dedicated physical server (starts at $100 / month).  
2. Web service such as Amazon EC2 (starts at $72 / month).
3. Virtual Private Server (starts between $20 to $50 / month).
4. Web hosting such as HostMonster, SliceHost (can be as low as $5 / month).

Our considerations were: a dedicated IP that would not be blocked in China, the ability to run long-running scripts, no CPU throttling, and enough memory and bandwidth to handle traffic spikes.  The top three satisfied these constraints, and #4 did not.

We ended up going initially with option 3.  A good place to read reviews for web hosting providers is the WebHostingTalk forums.  

We wanted a VPS with good uptime, and technical support who were responsive and competent.  After reading a number of reviews, we ended up with FsckVPS, which has satisfied our requirements so far.

Questions?  Or want to share your own server hosting stories?  Leave a comment.


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