Friday, May 22, 2009

Selecting a Domain Name

An important step in making a site is picking a web domain. 

One factor in choosing a name is whether you intend to grow the site through word of mouth and referrals, vs. search engine optimization.  If your site is viral, you want a catchy word that rolls off the tongue.  The fewer syllables, the better.  Some entrepeneurs like to pick a nonsense name that can grow to embody their product.  On the other hand, if you expect most traffic to come from SEO, you'll want a descriptive name, to encourage users to click on your search result.

If you are on a budget, there are tools for finding what is still available.  Our favorite is  You enter a sequence of words, and the site will show you compound-name domains that are still available.

If you are willing to spend money, many domain owners are willing to negotiate.  To lower stress on yourself, you may wish to contact several owners instead of pining all your hopes on a single domain.

As is the case with most negotiations, some domain owners are interested in non-monetary as well as monetary offers.  We've heard of domain owners who exchanged their domain name for introductions to influential contacts, or for famous guest speakers at their company.  Be creative!


  1. There are now approximately 2.4 million .com and .net domains registered per month (Symantec). Sometimes, a recycled domain name is the best answer - expired domain purchase, auction, or private sale. You really have to be careful, though - some of these domains may have previously delivered malware, porn, or other questionable content. Make sure and do your homework and really research your domain on the Wayback Machine, Yahoo Site Explorer, and other resources. We've set up a free cheat sheet at to help you conduct your background check. Just enter the domain you are researching and links are generated to help you quickly research a domain's current status and past history.

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